Top 5 Best Motorcycle Battery Review

There is nothing frustrating like a non-efficient motorcycle battery. Lights going off in the middle of nowhere or your motorcycle failing to start when you need it most. These are some of the embarrassments that a poor choice of battery can give you. We have done all the homework for you, and come up with the top 5 best motorcycle battery review that would save you all that. We have carefully looked at each product and evaluated the reviews by clients and eased your task by coming up with the best. No more frustrations of riding your motorcycle in darkness, or getting it started. The best motorcycle battery we have selected have been proven and tested. They are functional and will not fail you. We have checked all the batteries currently in the market and come up with only the best that you should have.

The following are the Top 5 Best Motorcycle Battery Review:

SL Picture Name Price
01 Motorcycle battery Yuasa YTZ14S Battery
02 Motorcycle battery Odyssey PC680 Battery
03 Motorcycle battery Yuasa GYZ32HL Battery
04 Motorcycle battery Power Source 01-366P Lightning Start Red/Black 30Ah Battery
05 Motorcycle battery HDX30L – Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery

1 Yuasa YTZ14S Battery

Best motorcycle battery

Description: This best motorcycle battery is the one that will not embarrass you, one, and it’s very easy to install, and since the charging is done by the manufacturer, it does not require any extra charging, plus it comes with a guarantee that lasts the whole year. The motorcycle battery comes already in a seal all you need to do, after purchasing it is just simple installation and you’re ready to go. One important factor about this battery is that it does not need any recharging at all. Once you buy it, you’re ready to go!

Customer Reviews: Most verified buyers recommend the Yuasa YTZ14S Battery Motorcycle battery. They prefer it over competition, since it lasts longer, one particular client said that it lasted the whole winter without a need to change. They love it because it does not need any replacement when in use. Another customer recommended this battery, saying that after purchasing it, it was left for ten days without use, however, once installed the battery worked perfectly. Most buyers who purchased it after using other brands claim that the Yuasa is incomparable to the other cheaper and poor quality motorcycle batteries out there. The price is worth the services provided by the battery. A Honda 2003 user says that the Yuasa battery has lasted almost a decade on the bike, he highly recommends it. There was a general complain about the battery cost, but, still most users felt that the cost compares well with the service and the durability provided by the motorcycle battery.

Conclusion: Looking closer at all the reviews, The Yuasa Motorcycle Battery is a significant choice for many bearing in mind that most have asserted that it lasts longer and has never failed them. It’s highly recommended across all the buyers. Most of the approved buyers conquer with the duration of the best motorcycle battery as asserted by the manufacturer. A good number of them used other batteries before replacing them with Yuasa YTZ14S with an overwhelming performance. They seem to have realized later that the Yuasa is the best motorcycle battery than the poor quality ones that they were using. The ability to perform is an added advantage to the buyer. The Yuasa has passed the test, since several buyers have proven that it functions well in all circumstances. Durability is another vital thing that should be checked. Here, the Yuasa YTZ14S motorcycle battery has proven to surpass some inferior models. One user clearly mentioned that this battery lasted for ten years and was still performing well. For those who may complain that the price is high, they should have the durability aspect being their major point. It really doesn’t matter how much it costs so long as it serves for long. Lastly, the Yuasa YTZ14S design is useful for all types of weather and terrain. No leakages and shocks affecting it, making it a favorable battery of all times.


2 Odyssey PC680 Battery

Best motorcycle battery

Description: This motorcycle battery is made to resist any type of tough terrain. This means that one can ride their motorcycle through snow, rocky areas etc. Without any fear of causing harm to the battery.  It’s designed of non-spilling AGM which comes in handy in protection from vibration and shocks, which has been a major element of destruction to other motorcycle batteries. Those batteries that have been made without proper resistant to shocks, ends up spilling their content on the way, the result being failure to perform.  It has a plating of unadulterated lead, which is helpful in preservation of power and its longevity. The Odyssey battery is a perfect selection for motorcycles sports. Because of its ability to provide unwavering power, the Odyssey PC680 battery can also be used for private speedboats and extremely light planes. It is designed in a way that it does not spill acid, does not corrode, resistant seals and also comes with a valve for safety release.

Customer Reviews: Most verified users recommend this motorcycle battery. One particular user noted that the Odyssey PC680 battery lasted for over four years in his Subaru WRX without developing any problem. He further noted that there was some weaknesses while starting, but later realized that this was not coming from the battery, but, the starter itself, which he replaced and went on without more problems. The Odyssey PC680 battery performed well despite the weather. This is according to another user who gave it a thumps up for good performance in extremely cold weather with its electrical load heavy. The client was using it on a BMW R1150GSA. However, he noted that it doesn’t come with hardware for connection to the terminal. He recommends one to have either screws and the terminal adapters, or both. A buyer also gave the Odyssey PC680 battery a thumps up, terming it as an exceptional product that has high cranking amps. Another called it a perfect battery for replacement, which comes with the correct terminals.

Conclusion: From the reviews, the Odyssey PC680 battery is a recommended one. First, one user has clearly expressed its durability after continuously using it for over four years without any hitch. It’s also the best motorcycle battery that seem to perform well in any weather. So it really doesn’t matter the type of weather that one is under, rainy, snowy or dry, the battery will still perform. It has also proven that it can do well under extremely cold weather under a heavy electric load. The best motorcycle battery proofs to be a reliable choice under any circumstances. Its high cranking amps has also been mentioned, giving it another reason to have it. The fact that the terminals are correctly placed has also been mentioned. With all this factors, the Odyssey PC680 battery is a perfect motorcycle battery, for replacement, which performs as intended.


3 Yuasa GYZ32HL Battery

Best motorcycle battery

Description: The Yuasa GYZ32HL Battery comes with twelve volts and thirty-two amps. It also has also five hundred amps specifically for cold cranks. This best motorcycle battery is free of any maintenance. It also has sealing that helps against spilling of acidic solutions in it, which has its absorption done in specialized plating. The Yuasa GYZ32HL activation is done by the manufacturer, were the filling, sealing and charging are also carried out. One does not need to add any water to it, or do any maintenance, for its made to last three times more than the other ordinary motorcycle batteries.  It is the kind of battery that you only need to install, and off you go! No maintenance, additional water or charging of any sort. The sealing is done so well that you can ride your bike in rough areas without the acids spilling off and damaging it. It’s also made to function in all type of weather, cold or hot.

Customer reviews: The Yuasa GYZ32HL Battery rocks. It is according to most of the clients who have bought and used it. Most of them recommended the best motorcycle battery and said that they could use it again. One purchaser stated that he had used the battery for over a year, and it still performed as it used to when new. The quality was also praised for being of a high standard as the description from the seller claimed.  A 2008 Harley Davidson Road King user said that the Yuasa GYZ32HL Battery fitted well in the bike and that it turned the motor vigorously and very quickly. The Client also mentioned the pricing of the battery saying that it was not overpriced.  A for my Harley rider also gave a thumbs up to the battery, commenting that it fitted well in his bike. He has used the best motorcycle battery for almost three years without any major problem and that the installation process was easy.  A long term user of Yuasa GYZ32HL Battery said that they have always served him well for a longer period. He added that the battery had longevity, has good quality, and cheaper than most of the other batteries of the same functionalities. He recommends this kind of batteries to anyone looking for quality and longevity.

Conclusion: A closer look at the reviews of the Yuasa GYZ32HL, reveals that this best motorcycle battery fits to be the top 5 best motorcycle battery review. None of the verified purchasers who have used it has any complain about it. It functions as intended by the manufacturer. Most have proven that it’s a high performer, does not leak, and that it lasts longer than the competition. Almost all users have recommended it. The bottom line is that this battery fits some motorbikes, and it’s easy to install.  The Yuasa GYZ32HL Battery is, therefore, a sound investment.


4 Power Source 01-366P Lightning Start Red/Black 30Ah Battery

Best motorcycle battery

Description:  The Power Source 01-366P Lightning Start Red/Black 30Ah Battery is manufactured with an extremely fast starting power of twelve volts. It also has six hundred cca; it’s recommended for replacing Harley Davidson FLHRCI Road King Classic 1450 EFI Touring for between the years 1998 to 2006. It’s also a suitable replacement for OEM 66010-97C, 66010-97B, 66010-97A, and 66010-97 which comes with a warranty that lasts for a whole year. The battery has sealing’s that protects it against acid spillage and outer covering geared towards dealing with harsh riding terrain. It’s ready to install after purchase and comes readily charged. The Power Source 01-366P Lightning Start Red/Black 30Ah Battery does not need maintenance, like charging or additional water.

Customer reviews: One verified buyer who had to replace his battery every two weeks bought the Power Source 01-366P Lightning Start Red/Black 30Ah Battery and his problem was solved. He said that he used it continuously without any hitch whatsoever. He also stated that the best motorcycle battery functioned well through winter summer and then spring. He went on to recommend it saying that it worth spending money on it. Another buyer claimed that he was very impressed with the power of the battery, that it started his bike fast and without going off prematurely. He said that it was very powerful and that the pricing was okay. Another user stated that the battery was easy to install and that it performed well. Another verified buyer also recommended the battery, saying that after trying other brands for a couple of months, he tried this and what he realized was that it was a very powerful battery, and indeed the best motorcycle battery. He also liked the terminals which he said were stronger than the lead ones. A Harley rider recommended this battery saying that it was far much better than what accompanied the bike.   He recommended its longevity and stated that it satisfied the power needs of the motorcycle. Another rider said that though the installation process is not very easy, which he claims to be due to the assortment of supplies that come with the battery, he says that it works just fine. He specifically gives it a thumbs up for the power that it processes.

Conclusion: The Power Source 01-366P Lightning Start Red/Black 30Ah Battery seems to fit well in the top 5 best motorcycle battery review. The reason being that the users prefer it than the competition, due to its high power. Though some have claimed that it’s a bit of a challenge when installing, this is something that can be dealt with through following the instructions carefully. The motorcycle battery also fits in very many types of bikes. Apart from that, it a good choice for replacing the worn out batteries that come with most bikes. It has also been recommended across the board due to its ability to start a motorcycle fast without going off. It would be a good buy for a bike owner.


5 HDX30L – Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery

Best motorcycle battery

Description: The HDX30Lhas a wide selection of motorbikes that fits it. From Harley Davidson Models, Tri Glide 2009-2016 and the Ultra Classic 1997-2016. The numbers of OE Harley Battery that the HDX30L can replace are three (66010-97A, 66010-97B, and 66010-97C). This battery shares the same manufacturer with the Harley Davidson ones. Its spill-proof, thanks to the high level of design that incorporates the use of microfiber separators which takes in any acid. The HDX30L is famous for its extra throttle power. It’s easy to install and can be utilized right away.

Customer Reviews: Most of the users highly recommend the HDX30L battery. Most of them claim that its cost is not the issue because it provides the much-needed power. Another user calls it a perfect fit, this is because it fitted well in his 1999 FLHRCI when he was replacing a previous model on it. He says that he had no issue with the installation of the battery, it was ready to use, fully charged by the manufacturer and needed no extra services. He added that he was glad that he purchased the battery which has never let him down. Another verified user also recommended this battery to his friends saying that it was far much cheaper than other models and that it performed even better. A user praised the cranking power of the HDX30L which he claims that went beyond the manufacturer original. He said that it fitted well in his 2009 and up Electra Glide Classic, as well as Street Glide, and Ultra Classic. He also likes the seal which he claimed saved him from acid messes.

Conclusion:  The HDX30L motorcycle battery looks like it’s a preferred brand. It is because a closer look at all the verified buyer reviews reveals a powerful battery that lasts longer and fits in many types of motorbikes. It’s also ready to use after purchasing, meaning that no charging, additional acid or water needed. You just buy the battery install it and off you are. In some reviews, the users have pointed out that the HDX30L out did some original Harley motorbike batteries. It shows that this battery is manufactured to meet high standards and last for long. It’s the reason why many buyers have used it to replace the original batteries bought with the motorbike when they wear off! The HDX30L is recommended across the review, and that’s the reason it’s amongst the best motorcycle battery.